Hollywood screenplays


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A software developer turns mad when the IT department globalizes.

Fata Morgana:
A traffic accident and drugs overdose lead an unruly detective to a group of sadistic criminals operating from a medieval castle.

Alien Attraction 2:
A young alien travels to Earth to explore his human roots. After he meets a girl the CIA gets wind of him and takes him to a research station on a barren moon. His new friend has to use all her talents to help him escape, but the CIA doesn’t give up that easily...

Alien Attraction:
A young laboratory assistant travels to a remote planet, where he frees an alien girl from a research camp. Her people take him to their home planet. As she helps him to build up a new life, the intimate spark between them becomes an unstoppable fire. Her fiancé loses control...

Ever wanted to write a spec script? Attached the quickstart guide 'How to Write and Sell a Hollywood Screenplay', based on my own experiences. Enjoy.

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